Billionaire Cities

The world's 20 largest cities are home to 645 billionaires - a third of the complete Forbes 2015 Billionaire list. Compare these metropolises for their number (and rates) of millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires. The data for this site was compiled from Forbes 2015 data on billionaires and Guardian 2014 data on (multi-)millionaires.

1. Billionaires by the absolute numbers:

New York City, Moscow and Hong Kong clearly lead the pack, all with over 60 billionaires living in their city limits. The average top 20 metropole houses 32 billionaires, 6,500 multi-millionaires and close to 170,000 millionaires.

2. Billionaires per 1,000,000 citizens:

Comparing the number of billionaires with these cities' total populations reveals a different ranking though. Dallas and Paris are by far the smaller cities of the group so their rate of billionaires (number of billionaires per 1,000,000 citizens) is considerably higher.

Cities by billionaire rates (per 1,000,000 citizens)

Chart is sorted left to right by total population: Moscow, New York City and Hong Kong still stand out with relatively high billionaire rates. Sources: Forbes and Guardian.

3. Comparing the billionaire, millionaire and multimillionaire populations:

Housing lots of millionaires is not a good precursor for also having lots of billionaires, as the scatter plot shows. Moscow's billionaires come out of a pool of 'only' 76,000 millionaires; while Tokyo has a fraction of Moscow's billionaires, it houses over 3 times as many millionaires. (A comparison of billionaires with multi-millionaires seems more correlated.)

Number of millionaires and billionaires compared

Sources: Forbes and Guardian.

All 20 cities ranked by number of billionaires

Click on any city's richest citizen to explore database. Sources: Forbes and Guardian.

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